7/8/2020: COVID-19 Positive Cases in Millbury: 251. Town Hall is closed for in-person transactions until further notice.

Please call the offices for instructions, the staff will be in the offices to help you.

To get a Transfer Station sticker you need to make a copy of your registration, and your license if it is a leased vehicle, and place with a check for the appropriate fee in the drop-off box to the left of the Town Hall entrance, or mail it in and we will mail the sticker out the same day. Please read the rules and regulations online so you know the proper amount to send. 
How Can I Pay My Bills?
Town Buildings remain closed until further notice, with the exception of the Senior Center for Meals on Wheels, the DPW, and Public Safety Departments. The Transfer Station is open Tuesday-Saturday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Please contact the Board of Health at 508-865-4721 or visit the BOH webpage, here, with any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19.

3/16/2020 Notice: All Town Buildings Closed to the Public