Board of Health

The Board of Health works to enforce the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code. This interacts with several areas of public life:

  1. Housing - Inspections are directed toward the rehabilitation of substandard housing to meet the requirements of the State Sanitary Code for Human Habitation. We work to ensure that residential units are maintained in a conditions that provides decent, safe and sanitary housing, and to keep neighborhoods free of rubbish, rodent harborage and infestations.
  2. Air and Water - Inspections are directed toward the control of air and water pollution in Town. We monitor water quality at beaches, and we monitor and control the storage, use and disposal of hazardous materials. The Board of Health works to protect the environment from improper disposal or accidental release of these materials, and we enforce several environmental regulations including the Mass. Env. Code Title V.
  3. Food and Milk - Inspections are conducted by the Board of Health to ensure that food and milk sold in Town is wholesome, free from adulteration, properly labeled and safe for human consumption. The Board also inspects establishments that offer food products for sale to the public, to ensure that they are maintained safely, in compliance with the State Sanitary Code.
  4. Public Health Nursing - The Public Health Nurses investigate reportable communicable diseases. This may involve visiting a patient's home, telephone contact and other types of follow-up.
  5. Tanning - All tanning establishments are inspected by the Board of Health to ensure compliance with the State Sanitary Code.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Judy Bater Clerk
Jackie Schold Clerk

Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expires
Ronald J Marlborough


April 2022

James M Morin


April 2020

Armand White

Vice Chairman

April 2021