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Emergency Management
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Mark Dyberg
Assistant Director
Millbury EMA
127 Elm Street
Millbury, MA 01527
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Mission Statement
The mission of the Millbury Emergency Management Agency is to coordinate, maintain and administer emergency management and homeland security practices in the town of Millbury. Through education in the areas of Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, Recovery, Detection, Prevention and Protection, our goal is to reduce the impact of hazards that may affect our town.

Vision Statement
The future role of emergency management as a service is ever expanding in scope and increasing in its commitment to the citizens of this town. This agency recognizes this commitment and will strive to parallel that service to the citizens of  Millbury.
To effectively navigate this commitment, this agency must increase the partnership with our citizens, our local governments and private and public businesses. We must work together as a unit dedicated to preserving a lifetime achieved through the principals and practices of emergency management.

The EMA coordinates all emergency actions under the guidelines of the Millbury (CEMP) Comprehensive Emergency Management  Plan. This plan addresses the preparation, response, recovery and mitigation actions for all potential risks to the public. These actions address natural disasters from tornadoes, thunderstorms and floods to hazardous material, industrial and radiological releases from the various industrial sites in and around Millbury, and civil actions to include urban terrorism and civil unrest. The EMA conducts public information presentations, distributes emergency related literature, conducts shelter and evacuation assessments, and conducts in-service presentations as requested. The presentations and assessments in both private and public facilities are provided at no cost as a public service. The EMA also coordinates emergency management related training courses in the local community at the state level and at the Emergency Management Agency at no cost to the participant. EMA sponsors all emergency or disaster related exercises to maintain all agencies at a high state of readiness.

Hazard and Risk Assessment
Millbury is faced with numerous hazards that could potentially affect the lives and property of the residents in both urban and rural areas. These hazards include natural, man-made and civil related incidents. The Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan is based on the following Hazard and Risk Assessment:
Natural, which includes but is not limited to thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storms/blizzards, floods and droughts. Man-made, which includes but is not limited to fixed industrial facilities, hazardous materials facilities, extremely hazardous facilities and industrial accident/explosion/fire.

Recovery activities are all actions taken after a disaster or emergency situation to meet the needs of the public in restoring public services and assistance to return individual lives and the business community, as much as possible, to a normal or pre-disaster condition. The EMA will coordinate the recovery activities of the  Town of Millbury, in conjunction with town and county resources and will coordinate the requests for and disbursement of state and federal assistance funds and the establishment of a Disaster Assistance Center for the public to request assistance from various support agencies.

Mitigation is any activity that will reduce the impact or affect of a risk or hazard. Mitigation activities will be coordinated with various local, state and federal programs in accordance with the Risk and Hazard Assessment.  All mitigation activities will be coordinated by the EMA from local requests to the state and federal emergency management agencies to include the disbursement and accountability of mitigation project funds.

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Town of Millbury, 127 Elm Street, Millbury MA 01527 (508) 865-4710