Town of Millbury, MA
Town of Millbury, 127 Elm Street, Millbury MA 01527
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Finance Committee
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Antony T Khalife
May 2018
Albert P Kupcinskas, Jr
May 2018
David J Cofske
May 2019
Kevin Kuphal
May 2019
Jennifer O'Connell
May 2019
Christopher J Kennedy
May 2020
Stephen J Noonan
May 2020

In 1870, a group of Quincy citizens banded together to restore financial order in their municipality, creating the Commonwealth’s first finance committee. In 1910 the Massachusetts courts ruled that a municipal finance committee was legal (Sinclair v. Fall River, 198 Mass 248). In that same year the Massachusetts General Court also acknowledged the need for municipal finance committees state-wide, requiring all but the smallest municipalities to establish such committees to assist in dealing with emerging municipal challenges (St 1910, Ch. 130, s 2). Several additional legislative assists (i.e., St 1923, Ch. 388 and St 1929, Ch. 270), reinforced the mandated or permitted existence of municipal finance committees.