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Master Plan Committee
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127 Elm Street
Millbury, MA 01527
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Laurie Connors
June 2018
Sandra J Cristo
June 2018
Terry Burke Dotson
June 2018
Sherry Forleo
June 2018
Richard P Hamilton, Jr
Juen 2018
Michael Kennedy
June 2018
Mary Krumsiek
June 2018
James M Morin
June 2018
Leonard Mort
June 2018
Judith O'Connor
June 2018
Leslie Vigneau
June 2018
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Andrew Borus
June 2019

What is a Master Plan and why does Millbury need one?
The Master Plan will set forth a vision for the future physical development of the community and will include a road map for achieving that vision.  It will help Millbury actively shape the community’s future by managing its growth- ensuring that development occurs where it is most appropriate.   The Master Plan will examine the demographics of the community, housing stock, economic development, transportation network, open space and natural resources, historic resources, and community services and facilities.  Through the creation of a community profile, the Master Plan will yield a comprehensive understanding of present conditions, needs, long-term challenges and opportunities, and changes that may occur over time.    It will guide future decisions and remind local leaders of the Town’s priorities.  It will be realistic, it will be optimistic and, by setting achievable goals, it will be implemented.  

What is the Master Plan Committee’s charge?

Appointed by the Town Manager and confirmed by the Board of Selectmen, the Master Plan Committee is charged with the following tasks:

  • The Master Plan Committee will provide expertise, guidance and support to the consultants, who will serve as the primary authors of the document.
  • Through surveys, workshops, interviews, and roundtable discussions, the Master Plan Committee will gather input from Town staff, boards, commissions, regional agencies, the citizenry, and the business community that will result in a vision for the community and a specific action strategy for fulfilling that vision.  
  • Once the Plan is complete, the Committee may choose to continue its work by encouraging and assisting municipal staff, boards, committees, and the community with the implementation of Plan recommendations.  

Phase 1:  Listening to the People
Key to the success of any planning endeavor is public participation.  It is essential that the Master Plan Committee understand exactly what you,  the residents and business community, want for Millbury.   To that end, the  Master Plan Committee launched Phase I of the Master Planning process by hiring a consultant, Community Circle, to facilitate a series of workshops
aimed at gathering your thoughts, impressions and hopes for Millbury.

The first workshop, which gathered input from Millbury’s seniors, was held at noon on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at the Millbury Senior Center.    This session was attended by approximately 40 seniors who shared what they enjoy most about living in Millbury, their concerns and what they would like to see in the future.   To view the notes of the visioning session, click here.

A second, town-wide visioning session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7 pm at the Millbury Senior  Center located at One River Street, Millbury.   Residents of all ages as well as the business community are encouraged to attend and participate in this rare opportunity to shape the future of your community (See attached flier).   The event will feature light refreshments, a raffle and a great opportunity to socialize with neighbors and friends.

Additional efforts to reach out to Millbury’s youth and business community are in the planning stages but not yet scheduled.  Stay tuned for updates!    

Phase 2:  The Plan

Phase 2 of the Master Planning process will take approximately 18 months and will consist of conducting an inventory and assessment of Millbury’s current resources, needs, and opportunities.  These will be looked at in terms of housing, economic development, natural and historic resources, open space and recreation, traffic and circulation, land use, population, and public facilities and services.  Finally, an implementation plan will be developed outlining the steps necessary to take us from where we are in terms of existing resources (as described in the Inventory) to where we want to go (as described in the vision and set of goals developed in Phase I.

Since funding for Phase 2 is not yet secured, the Master Plan Committee will seek $50,000 at the May 2016 Town Meeting and approximately $40,000 at the May 2017 Town Meeting.   Since municipalities with a current Master Plan have an edge in securing a variety of state and federal grants, it is likely that the Master Plan will pay for itself within a couple of years.   

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Town of Millbury, 127 Elm Street, Millbury MA 01527 (508) 865-4710